Starkeytown Cove

Bordering the Smoky Mountain National Park, Starkey Town Cove offers a private outdoor wedding venue in a rustic setting where brides can choose to build their own wedding package or purchase an all-inclusive, hassle-free package. Experience the history and beauty of the old home place with two dressing rooms along with scenic views, woodlands and streams.

If you’re searching for a wedding destination off the beaten path, look no further – Starkeytown Cove is the best kept secret of the Smoky Mountains! Located on property that borders the National Park, your wedding can take place among the singing birds, towering trees and flowing mountain streams.

The privacy at our outdoor wedding venue is absolutely unheard of. Many brides consider a wedding in the National Park itself only to discover the hassle of red tape and regulations, not to mention this doesn’t guarantee that nosy tourists won’t be a part of your sacred ceremony. Starkeytown Cove is a much better choice.

The old home place has been around for 150 years, but a few modern conveniences have been added along the way. Elaine Starkey, the great-granddaughter of its original builder, remodeled the interior in 2013 to include two dressing rooms and 2 restrooms for your wedding guests. The property is rustic and vintage with long-term plans to re-create the exterior of the home exactly as it was 150 years ago.

This goal, along with Elaine’s desire to share the true feel of what it’s like to be “up in the mountains,” is why Starkeytown Cove is now open for rental for weddings with up to 50 guests.

Every Wedding Package includes the following:

• Covered Pavilion and Rain Plan
• Outdoor Wedding Arbor
• Benches
• Guests, Buffet, Cake, and Gift Tables