Where are private wedding venues in the Pigeon Forge Area?

Wedding Packages at Starkey Town Cove
December 20, 2016
Private Elopements in the Smokies
April 1, 2017

april-1327s_sized-300There are many wedding venues in the Smoky Mountain region and each of them have their specialties and so does Starkeytown Cove!  We are often asked by brides, what is the most important reason we should choose Starkeytown Cove for our wedding when there are so many to choose from?  Our response is often simply our privacy. Starkeytown Cove is indeed a cove located back into the mountains and is surrounded by the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Although we are surrounded by the park we are not in the park so the park licensing fees are not required to be paid at Starkeytown Cove.  We have a beautiful, rustic , yet elegant private wedding venue with a covered pavilion and several romantic settings.  Parking and facilities are available for up to 120 people.  We specialize in groups from the private couple to groups up to 75.   Please view our Venue Tour page to see exactly what it looks like at Starkeytown Cove and see why you will love our private, beautiful venue in the Smokies.

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